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Accelerating connectivity for a world of new things

Speeding up success

Avanci’s marketplace gives you one-stop access to the essential patented technology needed to fuel your wireless connected devices. Simplifying licensing so you can stay focused on growing your business.

Pricing peace of mind

Avanci’s fair, reasonable and predictable pricing means you and everyone else pays a fair license rate for the same product. Prices are based on the value the wireless technology brings to that product, not the sales price of the product.


You asked.
We answered.

We’ve partnered with the best minds – the inventors of today’s wireless networks – to make their portfolios of wireless patents and years of R&D available to IoT device makers – in one place, with one conversation.


Licensors in the Avanci marketplace:

Licensees in the Avanci marketplace

The more connected we are to each other and our world, the better and more convenient our lives will be. The Internet of Things provides endless possibilities and Avanci is pleased to help make them all happen – faster. Kasim Alfalahi, Founder and CEO of Avanci
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