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Wireless technology is allowing automakers to reinvent the wheel.

Today’s drivers are looking for an automobile that keeps pace with their digital lifestyle. They don’t just want horsepower, but bandwidth.

With wireless technology under the hood, cars can stay in sync with information over the web, the cloud and whatever comes next. We’re not just talking about maps and music either.

Now it’s possible for cars to communicate with manufacturers, dealerships and insurance companies – keeping these automobiles operating at maximum efficiency and safety (in addition to streaming entertainment and downloading navigation data). Wireless technology can even turn your car into a mobile hotspot for other devices.

With everywhere-you-go wireless access, anything’s possible: from apps to automobiles that drive themselves.

Just what you wanted

Cars of today and tomorrow need a host of communications technologies to keep them connected. But it can be difficult for automakers to know what technology rights you need to license — and what’s a fair price.

Avanci offers a license to patented essential wireless technology for your connected car. All in one marketplace, with one conversation — speeding up the process of getting your next model to market.

Straightforward and sensible

Avanci’s straightforward pricing means that the flat-fee license cost will be tied to the value that the technology provides to the connected device, not its sales price.

Our one-stop marketplace also offers the best price by minimizing transaction costs and allowing you to obtain licenses once, rather than making many separate purchases.

With Avanci, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal, because it’s the same deal that everyone gets.

That’s value you can pass along to your customers.

Simply brilliant

Getting a connected car on the road is complicated. The standardized technology that fuels these products requires access to many different patented innovations. Since no one has it all, companies must share technology with each other.

We make it simple by connecting you to the ideas and technology you need. We’ve taken the complexity out of patent licensing so that you can get back to doing what you do best: building the next generation of connected cars.

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