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A new way forward

In today’s digital economy, innovation requires the next generation of ideas and access to the best technology.

Our marketplace enables those with essential wireless patents to share their innovations, and companies creating connected products for the Internet of Things can access the patented wireless technologies they need to be successful.

In one place,
with one conversation
and for
one fair, fixed price.

Why Avanci?

Hundreds of companies are entering the connected world each day, with creative products finding new uses for wireless connectivity. For developers of those products, it can be difficult to know what technology rights are needed and how to get them.

From automakers to meter manufacturers – developers of IoT products have asked for an open and efficient way to access the licenses needed for the latest wireless technology.

We have answered

With Avanci, what once required considerable time, resources and negotiation with many technology owners is now streamlined. We’re making essential wireless technology available to innovators of any scale – accelerating the time-to-market for new products, and reducing business risk.

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