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Providing the blueprint for innovation

Manufacturing partners need your patented wireless technologies to enable their connected products.

Companies with expertise building everything from automobiles to household appliances, medical devices to electric meters, are now inventing with the future in mind. In the Internet of Things, these manufacturers have an opportunity to expand their product offerings in ways that were never possible before.

Consumers are searching for smart products that improve their lives by wirelessly connecting to the internet. For manufacturers, such connectivity is the basis for new features that give their products a new dimension of capabilities.

But bringing consumers the connected, smart products they desire requires an additional step – incorporating advanced wireless technologies into the hardware. And for that, they need you.

Your patented essential wireless technology will transform an automobile into a connected car, a meter into a smart meter, a house into a smart home – the product of today into that of tomorrow.

Now, there’s a place for you to connect with the manufacturing partners that will build on the blueprint you’ve created: Avanci’s revolutionary marketplace.

Getting your ideas into the right hands

With thousands of connected devices coming online each day, it can be challenging for patent owners to ensure those who rely on their technology have obtained the rights – just as manufacturing partners may find it difficult to know what rights they need. Avanci connects patent owners and manufacturers in one marketplace, with one conversation – speeding up the process of securing technology rights for new products.

Straightforward and sensible

Our one-stop marketplace minimizes transaction costs and allows manufacturers to obtain a license once, rather than making many separate purchases. This makes it simpler for companies throughout the supply chain to obtain the necessary technology rights and incorporate these ideas into their products. It also will provide a return on your investment in developing standardized wireless technology.

Simply brilliant

Working with manufacturing partners across various industries can be a time consuming process. Each has different uses for the licenses you offer, which may vary greatly depending on the type of product and its application.

We make it simple for patent owners by bringing manufacturing partners to our one-stop marketplace and licensing your wireless patent portfolio with a single license.

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