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Always fair. Always reasonable.

Avanci shares a commitment with the IoT ecosystem to make the latest standard wireless technology available in a way that is fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND). This well-established industry principle ensures that those using the technology in their products have access at terms that are well-aligned with their needs, and those creating wireless technology receive a fair return on their investment.

Easy, uncomplicated possibilities.

Avanci is committed to streamlining the technology sharing process as much as possible. Our transparent, fixed price royalty model accommodates the wide-ranging uses of wireless technology in different IoT connected devices.

Royalties will vary from one type of device to the next based on the value the technology brings to the device, not its sales price. For example, the royalty will be different when the licensed product is a vehicle that continuously provides a hotspot, navigation data, streaming entertainment, enhanced safety, warranty services, and remote performance monitoring, rather than a rental bike stand that only sends intermittent signals of bike availability.

To learn more, please download Avanci’s white paper »

Put simply, Avanci ensures the patents essential to today’s and tomorrow’s wireless standards are easily accessible to everyone at a fair price.

In one place, with one conversation
and for one fair, fixed price.

The price of the Avanci license for a vehicle will never increase.

  • No matter the number of 2G, 3G and 4G essential patents added to the license
  • As new companies join our platform, even if all standard essential patent owners join
  • Regardless of the number of connections included in a vehicle


  • eCall only$3/vehicle
  • 3G (includes 2G and eCall)$9/vehicle
  • 4G (includes 2G/3G and eCall)$15/vehicle

Avanci provides predictability, transparency and simplicity for the auto industry and other IoT verticals!

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