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Providing information you can count on

Devices that stay in touch while keeping track let us do more things.

Meters are everywhere. Millions of them are already installed at homes and businesses, counting every watt of electricity, every drop of water, every unit of gas.

Now, a new generation of meters equipped with wireless technology are supplying real time information to help us make smart decisions without needing to be anywhere near the meter.

Equipped with wireless technologies, smart meters can supply up-to-date information about energy use that helps people and businesses make smarter decisions, such as efficiently cooling a building or shutting down unnecessary equipment.

Smart meters also make it possible to have greater control over energy consumption, like making dynamic and automatic adjustments during peak times to reduce the burden on the grid – and the pocketbook. More of these devices are connecting each day with the promise of revolutionizing how we conserve electricity and other resources like water and natural gas.

With a wide variety of applications, smart meters are allowing us to know more, with dramatically less effort, making new innovation and efficiencies possible.

Just what you wanted

Meters of today and tomorrow need access to communications technologies to keep them connected. But it can be difficult to know what technology rights you need to license – and what’s a fair price.

Avanci offers a license to patented essential wireless technology for your smart meter. All in one marketplace, with one conversation – speeding up the process of connecting your new device.

Straightforward and sensible

Avanci’s straightforward pricing means there’s one flat licensing fee, which is tied to the value that the technology adds to your connected device, instead of the product’s sales price.

Our one-stop marketplace offers the best price by minimizing transaction costs and allowing you to obtain a license once, rather than making many separate purchases. And, with Avanci, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal, because it’s the same deal that everyone gets.

That’s value you can pass along to your customers.

Simply brilliant

Updating our infrastructure is complicated. The standardized technology that makes these inventions tick requires access to many different technology rights. Since no one has it all, companies must rely on each other.

We make it simple by connecting you to the ideas and technology you need. We’ve taken the complexity out of patent licensing so that you can get back to doing what you do best: building a new generation of smart meters that we can count on to make life better.

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