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Bringing bright ideas to light

What new connections will you make?

Cars that drive themselves, refrigerators that order groceries, T-shirts that monitor vitals and indicate the optimal time to eat and sleep. These innovations aren’t dreams of the distant future, but products within our sights. As technology rapidly advances, connectivity will continue to become ubiquitous with daily life.

At a time when the next big thing is always right around the corner, the possibilities have never been greater – and the demand to deliver has never been higher.

Today, manufacturers are harnessing the internet’s infinite potential, giving ordinary products new uses – and familiar technologies new functions. Tomorrow, the latest inventions will be standard features, and the next generation of products will be a reality.

Just what you wanted

As technology evolves, so will we.

Avanci’s revolutionary marketplace is connecting the owners of the very latest wireless technology patents to a world of manufacturing partners – making it possible for new ideas to become reality faster.

Straightforward and sensible

Our straightforward pricing means that the flat-fee license cost will be tied to the value that the technology provides to the connected device, not its sales price.

Our one-stop marketplace also offers the best price by minimizing transaction costs and allowing you to obtain the licenses at once, rather than making many separate purchases.

And you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal, because it’s the same deal that everyone gets. That’s value you can pass along to your customers.

Simply brilliant

Bringing connected devices of the future into the hands of those who want them can be a long and complicated process – and timing is everything. As standardized technology evolves, the connectivity behind these products will still require access to many different patented innovations. Since no one has it all, companies must share technology with each other.

We are focused on connecting ideas and technology, and taking the complexity out of patent licensing so that you can get back to doing what you do best: improving people’s lives by connecting them to the Internet of Things.

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